Achill Island Brewery is a bespoke new 16 barrel (bbl) distribution brewery located in Bunacurry, Achill Island, Co Mayo. Éire.

Táirgí Acla Limited trading as Achill Island Brewery was formed in September 2014 by Malcolm & Dermot Cooney and Anthony & Daniel Keating.  This private business has core family values and a strong community spirit.

We pride ourselves to brew to the highest standard, we don’t add any “extras” to our beer, no additives or enhancing chemicals to pasteurise our beer.

Achill Island is made from the elements of the wild Atlantic, chiselled by the ocean, lashed by the wind and pelted by the rain, which creates one of Ireland’s most spectacular and beautiful places with its rugged landscape, breathtaking cliffs, soaring mountains, isolated lakes and its beautiful blue flag beaches – now we have “Created the beauty” for you to taste.


We pride ourselves on using time-honoured brewing techniques to produce the highest quality beers. Our products are crafted with the best local ingredients to produce our range of premium beers.