Achill Island is made from the elements of the wild Altlantic.  Chiselled by the ocean, lashed by the wind, and pelted by the rain. Now we have bottled it for you to taste.


Brewed to the highest standard with no additives or enhancing chemicals, our ingredients are water, malted barley, wheat, hops and Irish Moss.

Natural Mountain Lake Water

Our main ingredient is water.  We are lucky to be blessed with an amazing source on Achill Island.

Bunnafreeva Lough is one of the highest mountain lakes (corrie loughs) in Ireland at over 300m above sea level.  This remote lough is tucked away near the top of Croghaun Mountain at the farthest end of Achill Island.

This pure natural source is filtered before being heated to high temparatures and tested to make our finest beer.

Carrageen “Irish” Moss

Another thing that makes our Premium Beer distinctive is the addition of Irish Moss.

Carrageen Moss or Chondrus Crispus is actually a red seaweed that grows in the cool Atlantic waters. The moss we use is specially picked from the rocky shores of Achill Island.

The seaweed binds to the excess proteins in the wort, allowing it to settle out before the beer is moved to the fermentation vessel. This helps to give its unique taste of the wild Atlantic way.