Achill Island Brewery is a new 16 barrel (bbl) distribution brewery. The business is a privately owned with core family values, providing quality premium beer for mass consumption.

The focus of the brewery is to create enjoyable lagered beer –┬ásimply named “Achill” – using the best natural, local ingredients.

More on our Achill Beer made with natural mountain lake water.

Learn more about our Achill Island Brewery.

Find out about Achill Island, the beautiful, picturesque “gem” we call home.


Beer Mat Trivia – Answers

Our beer mats have some trivia questions on them. Here are the answers. How many did you get right?


1. Name the Wild Atlantic Way Signature Discovery point on Achill Island.
Answer: Keem Bay

2. Name the World’s second largest fish which can be found in the waters around Achill Island.
Answer: Basking Shark

3. The Highest Sea Cliffs in the European Union are located on Achill Island. How high are they? (A) 2257 ft, (B) 1972 ft or (C) 1892 ft
Answer: (A) 2257 ft (688 metres).

4. Achill Island is twinned with a major US city. Name the City.
Answer: Cleveland, Ohio

5. Name the famous painter who lived on Achill Island and whose paintings include “The Potato Diggers”, “Launching the Curragh” and “The Watcher”.
Answer: Paul Henry

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